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Click on the link above to see the author being interviewed about her book 'Open To Love' by Rowan Hand on RTE's Nationwide (February 13th 2012).
10% of the profits from sales are being tithed by the author to the neonatal unit of Our Lady's Hospital for sick children, Crumlin.

Check out RTE iWitness documentary on the author on February 14,2015

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from 'Open to Love'.

This poem from my book 'A Gift of Love' is for everyone who has experienced the grief and trauma of the sudden unexpected death of a loved one.

Unreal Funeral

Tears well up in my eyes

pools of infinity in disguise

Love overflowing from my heart

into rivers of grief knowing we must part.

I cannot see what flowers around

grace your funeral pall

nor hear each note lamenting

your exodus from this world

I cannot feel my feelings

my body-mind is numb

my senses stunned in shock

as your funeral bell is rung.

This can't be true

it can't be you

they must be mistaken

I search to catch a glimpse of you

I pray this can't be happening.

Shaking like a leaf, choking with grief

I cry your name out loud

but I know there is nothing I can do

as they bury you in earthy shroud.


In honour of Woman


loving co-creator






her body a temple

of the Highest-Order

wherein men seek their Spirit

children their conception

at her alter.

Woman...warrior of the just cause

Life in its fullness

Love without pause


her gifts disguised as flaws

benevolent, bountiful

Life-expression beautified

heightened awareness of core-essence

Spirited-Body unified.

She...the feminine




Woman...Love personified.


All the Earth's a quiver
with God-Essence.
The sparkling sea's a shimmer
with God-Essence.
In the silence there's a glimmer
of God-Essence.
 Morning Light caresses
the darkling Earth's tresses
The Sky on fire at dawn
the miracle of the new-born
Mist rolling inland
the wisdom in a grain of sand
The birds sing forth in symphony
the Cosmos is in harmony
The bees busy humming
the chanting of the Om...in
The dance of Divinity
Nature's primal energy