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Click on the link above to see the author being interviewed about her book 'Open To Love' by Rowan Hand on RTE's Nationwide (February 13th 2012).
10% of the profits from sales are being tithed by the author to the neonatal unit of Our Lady's Hospital for sick children, Crumlin.

Check out RTE iWitness documentary on the author on February 14,2015

If you have enjoyed the poetry readings I would welcome any feedback you may have.


In 2010, I was privileged to meet Norah at an Artist’s Way Course being run by Maureen O’Callaghan at Tara Hill, Gorey, Co. Wexford. During the course Norah brought along some of her poems, which she read to the group. We were all extremely impressed and at times ’stunned’ by the wisdom and inspirational content of Norah’s poems. The group encouraged Norah to publish her work and by Easter 2011, Norah had sourced the right printers and had published her first book of poems entitled, Open to Love. This is a beautiful collection of Norah’s work which she has grouped together under the headings, Inspiration, Childhood, Personal and Love Poems, Metaphysical, Prayers, Loss and Grief and Life.
Recently, I was delighted when Norah asked me to assist her at a Health & Healing Exhibition in the Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey, at which Norah was selling her book. Norah also had individual poems for sale which were printed on parchment paper, bound and tied with lovely coloured ribbon and which made a beautiful and inexpensive gift. Many people were drawn to specific poems, and this was a lovely way to bring the healing quality of their chosen poem into their life.
One woman, Ulrike, experienced profound healing on hearing and reading Norah’s work and kindly shared this with myself and Norah.
Personally, I experience a great sense of ‘oneness’ when I read from Open to Love. I feel a great peace within myself, no matter what difficulties I may be experiencing in my life. I open the book at random and read whatever poem shows up and invariably, it seems to be just what I need at that moment.
I recently gave a copy of Norah’s book to a friend who was celebrating her 81st birthday. She phoned me the next day to say how thrilled she was with the book and how she couldn’t put it down once she started reading it. Open to Love is truly a beautiful gift of timeless wisdom and inspiration from a very special person. Thank you, Norah, for sharing your gift with us.
Siobhan Roseingrave

Dear Norah, it was such a pleasure to meet you and listen to your poems at the Energy Healing Fair at the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey!
The poem, May You Be Blessed, that I took with me, I read aloud last week to my group and it was the same as it was for me listening to you: They did not understand every single word, but they felt the energy and felt really blessed- and one of them told me that she was breathing totally different- much better and deeper- and it just started with the lines about breathing. And I read to a Woman today,who is suffering from cancer, and it did her good as well. Isn’t it marvellous to see how the stone you’ve let fallen into the water creates circles on the top of the water – more and more!
And for me to read your poems aloud was really special as well.

Norah, congratulations on your beautiful poetry book ‘Open to Love’. Writing a book is not something that just happens on one Sunday afternoon, it takes a lot of talent, dedication and effort. I was delighted to source your poetry book and have been reading it ever since. Congrats again on producing such a little gem I will treasure it always. Every blessing good health and happiness in the future. P.F

Norah, what an inspiration you are and thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with us. M o’C

Norah, just wanted to thank you for your wonderful poetry book and stories on line, you are a real inspiration. Y

I have just finished reading your poetry book ‘Open to Love’ and I just want to thank you for sharing your positive and inspirational insights. I love the way your poems dealt with light and dark issues a bit like William Blake’s ‘songs of innocence and songs of experience’ poetry collection. I think it was very brave of you to share these poems as they could offer hope and support to people suffering and help them to realise that they are not alone. Jo’S

Hi Norah, your poems are amazing. To’R

Lovely work Norah, congrats. JC

There is a poem for everybody in the book, the words will comfort and guide while the imagery will lift you to a higher realm. Jo’T

Norah your writings are beautiful Best Wishes Mo’D

Congrats Norah, your poetry is wonderful, so very moving- a portal of life- lessons learned. K

You are a real star and you radiate such goodness
People are getting to know about your work it will simply snow ball, isn’t just brilliant. A C

I thought your poems captured a beautiful, pure innocence as well as a deep and authentic wisdom. Your cover photograph is also beautiful and I can nearly see and feel the Prana/Chi/Life-energy as the sun drenches the petals and leaves. Jo’S

Thanks you so much for writing such expressive poetry the so touches my heart. When it is read to me and I close my eyes I am there in that moment and can see and sense everything you depict so evocatively. I love your poetry the words and pictures it conveys have helped me through a lot. It has something that touches the heart of each and every one of us. Love and blessings. JMB

I never read poetry but when I read a few snippets from your book Open to Love I just wanted to read more I couldn’t wait to get home and read it all. J W.

I’m not a reader but the beauty of your poetry for me was that it is so easy to read and understand it is simple and beautiful and can be cherished one poem at a time. H H

Norah your poetry is absolutely beautiful it is so beautiful! I love reading it thank you so much for this LF

When you read your poem Milking Time I closed my eyes and was right in there with you in that stall thank you so much it was so evocative and beautiful. AT

I loved your poem about your mother entitled Mollie it tells the story of every strong countrywoman that ever lived off the land I just love your poetry Norah well done. MK

What a beautiful work I find myself reading it over and over again and finding new depths all the time. It is very profound and beautiful. EF

I loved the poetry about your parents Norah thank you so much for reading to the children in the school today it was a great experience for them and for us their teachers I look forward to reading all of the poetry in your book. OM

Your poetry reading today was so lovely to hear and so sincere it brought me back to my own great memories of childhood thank you so much. EL

I was especially taken with your poem 'Our Bodies' what a beautiful philosophy and way of thinking and living I love the sentiment in this poem thank you Norah for this beautiful gift. SH

Your poem 'Just for today' really spoke to me it's what I really needed to hear even though I was trying in a hazy sort of way but oh boy did your words speak with clarity I've posted them up on my wall to remind me! HG

I really liked your poem 'Straight Talk' Norah there's no escaping the meaning well done! VK

When I heard you read the poem 'May you come to Be' I held my breath I could not believe what I was hearing, your heart spoke to my heart what a beautiful experience. SM

I was rooted to the spot when I heard you read the poem 'Childhood Freedom Fields' it was absolutely beautiful and reminded me so much of the way life used to be when I was growing up thank you so much I love this poem. DW

It was wonderful to meet you in person your poem 'Survivor Strong' really spoke to me what a beautiful way to deal with Life's adversity I loved the lines 'All is forgiven almost forgotten, Anger incindered, Love and Lessons remembered'  it shows huge compassion and honesty.PT

Thank you so much for bringing me back to happy childhood memories of so long ago I loved your poem about the bean-si or banshee I had forgotten about these memories until your poem reminded me. Thank you for this gift of beautiful poetry Norah Bless you Patricia.