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Click on the link above to see the author being interviewed about her book 'Open To Love' by Rowan Hand on RTE's Nationwide (February 13th 2012).
10% of the profits from sales are being tithed by the author to the neonatal unit of Our Lady's Hospital for sick children, Crumlin.

Check out RTE iWitness documentary on the author on February 14,2015

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Divine Love - Third book in the trilogy.


Divine Love 


 The Crucifixion

Did you know that they crucified our Lord
I heard that they speared him with a sword
they stripped him of His gown
whipped Him... 'til He fell down
then bowed and made a crown...
pinned it to His head
kept laughing as He bled
...without mercy or a shred
of human pity
and the city of Jerusalem just wept
without a single sound...
as the rivulets of blood
dropped to the ground.
For His compassion and His Love
for His given Wisdom-Word
they nailed Him to a cross
sealing our eternal loss
then they gibber-gibed and mocked
as the women watched in shock
and his Mother wept...bereft.
On a crucifix in mid-air
they left Him hanging there
...left Him there...to die
watched Him breathe
His last sigh
our Saviour
our Redeemer
our chosen Holy Messenger
from the Holiest
of Holies
on High. 



 A poem honoring Celtic Roots


 Goddess in the ground

 Goddess in the ground
 mysterious deep dark earth
womb-beauty astounds
fertile joyfulness and mirth.
Soulful treasured sound
pulsing of the heart
Goddess in the ground
preparing for re-birth.
Ancient Celtic soil
vibrant energy abounds
natural-labouring toil
harbouring Sacred Sounds.
Goddess in the ground
for centuries she's been famed 
most always can be found
never can be tamed.

Heart-Goddess are you
calling on your ancestors

Step on the Path

Step on the path where Angels thread
step on the path to Guidance
move into streams of consciousness
watch the Sky dance.
Close your eyes see the Pathway
close your ears...listen in
await to hear Divine voice saying
rejoice...welcome...come within.
Take a moment there to wander
just one moment...following
regard your journey as it meanders
curving back within again.
Be still...in Silent-Real-Awareness
stay still......sense the Love within
feel the Vibrance...Absolute Essence
Holistic Healing...Yang and Ying.
Allow your Spirit rest at-One-ment
absorb the Love that abounds
suffused in knowledge of Pure Wisdom
hear the Silence...Primordial Sound.
Tune in to...Vibrational Spirit
let your healing heart-strings thrum
feel Body-Light with Grace and Blessings
quivering with...your own Soul-Song.

Promise of Spirit

I will raise you up on Angel-wings
lift you up to Higher Realms
soothe your Soul with unction-balm
guide you back to me again
for I Am that I Am and you are Ancient Spirit.

You will bask in warmth of Spirit-Love
embrace Absolute...Holy Dove
in Light and Truth All-Oneness there
immersed in Joy...float as air
for I Am that I Am and you are Sacred Spirit.

I will free you from all suffering
take your Cup...your Offering
you will wonder why it took so long
when I take you to...where you belong
for I Am All that...I Am...and you are Sacred Spirit.

The birth of Christ

Oh brightest star up in the sky
glowing with Heavenly-Light on High
guide us on our path to find
the Holy Mother and her child.
In a lowly manger in this world
a whole new story has unfurled
Jesus, Mary's boy-child...born
on this Blessed Sacred morn.

With hearts and minds and Souls on fire
lead us to our hearts' desire
take us on the path of Love
to this Holy Child sent from above.
In rapture let us gaze on Him
sent...to redeem us from all sin
this innocent child Divinely formed
resting in Love and Light adorned.

Let us bring our Love and gratitude great
let us shelter Him now from His earthly fate
gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh we bring
to acknowledge the Royalty of our new-born King.
We fervently fall on our knees and pray
 comfort and guide Him on His way
oh wondrous Light oh wondrous Star
guide us to His home afar.

Brightest Star oh brightest Light
lead us now on furtive flight
to a cradle in Bethlehem
where a Saviour is born to free all men...


When social therapy doesn't do it any more
look at your life and ask why-for.
When you are feeling low and your heart's sad-sore
feel the feeling and explore why-for.
When you hear soft inner-voice rising to roar
listen to it calmly and ask why-for.
When you know you are knocking on an open door
try pushing through and find why-for.
When you find your Spirit eagerly waiting to soar
feel the wonder and see why-for.

Profound question

Have you made contact with your Soul
since you came here on earth
have you asked what Sacred role
was ordained for you pre-birth.
Have you felt the stirrings
of your Spirit in great Joy
have you felt the longing
for great Goodness in deep cry.

Have you sensed God-Essence
in the miracle of your Life
have you met God while in abeyance
to your struggle and your strife.
Have you reached the boundless
within yourself in silent waiting
have you stayed still and soundless
to feel Sacred-Ground palpating.

Do not miss another moment...
encounter your Spirit in God so potent.


lig do scíth

tóg bog í



Bí i do shuí

Gradam Chroí



Bí le Dia

ar Anam Slí