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Click on the link above to see the author being interviewed about her book 'Open To Love' by Rowan Hand on RTE's Nationwide (February 13th 2012).
10% of the profits from sales are being tithed by the author to the neonatal unit of Our Lady's Hospital for sick children, Crumlin.

Check out RTE iWitness documentary on the author on February 14,2015

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Open To Love

Here are some poems from 'Open to Love'  for you to enjoy.                               



             Milking Time                 

I miss the smell of the dairy herd
in the cowshed in the morning
I miss the sound of my father's voice
as he sang to his ladies in waiting.
I miss the sight of them chewing their cud
in their lazy bovine way
I miss the smell of the mangols and beet
and the sundried dusty hay.
I miss the heat from their bodies warm
that kept out the Winter's chill
 the sight of the rain on the window pane
and it's drizzle-flow on the sill.
I miss the sound of the whistling wind
as it blew through the rusty roof
the rattle of hail on wood and nail
and the random clunk of hoof.
I miss the tempo of the double plop
floating frothy milky bubbles
and the way they glanced at him at work
as he soothed all their troubles.
I miss the steamy streams of breath
they softly orchestrated
to blend with the sound of the melody
until his music had abated.
I miss the sound of the rattle and churn
as the milk was stored away
and the velvet darkness that softly fell
as nightfall closed the day.
I miss the early morning start
when once more he would show
tackle horse and cart then with pails tied hard
to the creamery he would go.
It's only memories I have now
but I could swear sometimes...
I still see his favourite cows
tracking the lea-lines of my mind.

The Way

The sun has risen the sky is clear
the day is full of morning cheer
life's pulsating in the air
the vixen's safe within her lair.
The frost is glistening on the grass
the birds are offering outdoor Mass
though winter's stripped the beech tree bare
she's proudly swaying without a care.
The Spirit of the Land is free
vibrating oh so peacefully
harmonising in accord
with Cosmic Universal Law.
Our Spirits too vibrate in tune
with the secret of the rune
take a moment to be still
quieten mind quieten will...
Enter into blissful peace
sense the Love the sweet release
The All is there within our Being
perfect knowledge...all knowing, all seeing.
Should we learn to just Be
in stillness...we will find the key
to liberate and set us free
to experience The Now of  Eternity.

Filling the well

Do not come and tell me
you're knocking on my door
I cannot come and greet you
if you're asking me for more
I find my well is empty
unnoticed it went dry
I find myself still here on earth
it's not my time to die.
I must begin my work anew
seek where I went astray
 uncover the work I was sent to do
each day is a brand new day.
I must journey deep inside
to find my source my well-spring
from this world I must hide
until I hear my Soul sing.
Gone now to my Sanctuary
I must not be disturbed
my earthly space is under lock and key
while I'm absorbing Love.
Author Norah Clifford Kelly  

Local poet Norah Clifford Kelly published her debut poetry collection [part one of a trilogy of poetry] in April 2011.This collection entitled 'Open to Love' explores the universal themes of  love, birth, life, death, nature and meditation. The book is 'truly a work of Divine Inspiration, it's joyful message will serve to connect you to your spirit, it's simplicity will charm you' a must if you want to access that feel good factor and tune into blissful living.
Norah's second book "A Gift of Love" remains faithful to rhythm and rhyme, it's exquisite vibrant  imagery and lyrical nature is a joy to read and is a continuation on the theme of Meditation on Nature and contemplation on the Divine Nature of everything and everyone. The Spiritual nature of many of the poems in this book will leave you with a feeling of connection to the Divine and Divine Beauty.

You can purchase the books "Open to Love" and 'A Gift of Love' directly from this site or from any of the retail outlets listed on this page.