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10% of the profits from sales are being tithed by the author to the neonatal unit of Our Lady's Hospital for sick children, Crumlin.

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Norah Clifford Kelly Poetry

Norah, a native of Knocknacuig The Kerries Tralee Co Kerry, is living in north Wexford
and can be contacted directly through this site via Contact the Author.
She is a teacher and author of Spiritual/Meditation/ Metaphysical Nature-Poetry,
Social Justice Poetry, Children's Poetry, Prayer-Poetry, Love Songs and Gospel Songs.

She is passionate about powerful vibrational self-healing energy work

A qualified Plexus Bio-Energy Therapist

Reiki and Seichem Master

 Facilitator of Intuitive Readings, Chakra-clearing, Aura cleansing

  Norah is available now for appointments.

Norah  also facilitates talks on Bio-Energy in combination with
   group meditational sitting using the vibrational healing sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl to enhance and enrich the experience of her creative-visualization poetry workshops.

As well as giving poetry readings,
Norah facilitates and delivers a number of diverse workshops which are tailor- made to meet group-specific needs such as:

 'Freeing your Creative-Self'...let the words fly...a Creative Writing Workshop.

'A Gift to yourself'...esteeming your True-Self... finding your true purpose in Life....strengthening your connection to your Higher Self... 
 a Self-Empowerment workshop.

                            An insight on the background story of how it all began.

"I was a Montessori Teacher and facilitator of Adult Education for 23 years and absolutely loved my work. On a sabbatical I was involved in a road accident that was to change the course of my life . In February 2006 on my way to my Doctor for a routine check-up my car skidded on ice, as it was veering towards the ditch out of control I realized there was nothing I could do so I resigned myself to the outcome took a deep breath and waited for the bang. Almost immediately I felt a beautiful energy fill the car...it felt as though an invisible air bag had surrounded me and that I was perfectly cocooned and safe. Time slowed down and it was like I was watching the whole episode in stills in exact detail...I felt as though a beautiful gentle loving energy, a nurturing energy was totally protecting me, in one split second I knew instinctively that everything was alright and that everything was going to be all-right.
Just before the car hit the ditch and as I sat there helplessly gripping the steering wheel to steady myself with my head pressed tightly against the headrest to try to avoid whiplash and to save myself from head injury, I tensed all my muscles (which I now know in hindsight was not a good thing to do). I closed my eyes as the car spun in an anti-clockwise circle and walloped the ditch it spun around again and hit the ditch a second time until finally coming to a stand still. I opened my eyes to see where I was, so grateful that I was ok and still conscious, blessed that I hadn't been knocked
unconscious with the severe impact of the first bang...the second bang hadn't been as severe... immediately I realized  I was in danger. I saw that I was on the wrong side of the road and on a bend. I turned the key in the ignition, started the engine which had cut out on impact and drove across to the other side of the road as quickly as possible. I drove to the nearest house less than a mile away and pulled in off the road to catch my breath and to take in all that had happened. I stepped out of the car to take a look at the damage done to the front there was a huge clump of the ditch still attached to the bumper, I pulled most of it away as best I could got back in the car and drove to the doctor's surgery.
The fact that I came out of the accident totally unscathed, did not feel shock or fright at that time or any time afterwards puzzled me hugely and left me in awe of the whole incident. I couldn't believe what had just happened. It had all happened so quickly, in probably less than a minute yet at the same time seemed so surreal, as if time had slowed or even stopped during the whole incident. I felt huge relief that I was alright and that nobody else had been involved in the accident and I gave thanks to the Divine for protecting me.
When I arrived at the doctor I had my routine check-up and blood tests, even my blood-pressure was normal. I did not bother to relay the incident as my own doctor was not available that day, needless to say I just wanted to get home I was delighted with myself that I was safe and un-injured after the episode and that nobody else was involved or injured. Little did I know that a week later all that would change...

I had been reading in the conservatory and as it was a lovely bright sunny day I had opened some windows to air the room As I went to close a window the small bang from the window-closing sent me crashing to the floor my body locked in pain and immobility in what I found out later to be delayed shock.
I had no idea at that point as to what was happening it felt like I had been hit by 1000 volts of electricity when I had closed my conservatory window. All I knew was that I was in horrendous pain and it was pain multiplied like I had never experienced it before. When I fell on the floor I literally could not move a muscle the pain was overwhelming and I found myself totally paralysed all of my muscles limp, my body without energy. As I lay there in that helpless state like a blob of jelly, afraid to move as the pain worsened when I tried to, I cried out to the Divine to help me...immediately in my stillness I remembered and felt the beautiful energy in the car before it crashed, in that instant I sensed and just knew that there was a reason for what was happening and that everything was (and still is) in Divine order and somehow I knew that I would be ok.
I tried to call my husband but could not raise my voice as I had no energy, I was moaning with the pain when he came he was shocked and asked me what had happened I could not answer, I could only mumble something incoherent about pain...he helped me onto the couch where I stayed very still for hours. As the day wore on to my family's dismay I refused to agree to calling the doctor or to be taken to the surgery or to hospital I told them in painfully slow words and sentences when I could gather enough energy to utter them that I just knew I would be ok. I just had a deep knowingness that this would pass with time and I needed to be allowed that time to try to heal in my own way...
Little did I know what the healing journey ahead of me would extract from me in terms of pain, discomfort and life-changes that I would have to make to accommodate my new state of disability. I did go to my doctor at my family's urging after six weeks had passed, once again my own doctor was not available and I was informed that it was probably delayed shock and should have resolved itself by another six weeks or so however by September seven months later my condition still had not improved that much so I went to see my own doctor who had her own practice by this time to see if she could shed some light on what was happening. I felt it was like one step forward two steps back every time I tried to stand up I would inevitably fall down again in severe pain. If I as much as stepped on a pebble I would keel over it was as if my body could not take even the slightest shock as every time -no matter how small the shock- my body registered a huge shock, the pain was unbearable and I would have to wait several days before trying to take a few steps again. It was a very challenging time and a huge struggle at times but I had this knowingness and determination that I would heal naturally.
 I was informed by my own doctor after the results of blood tests that she had taken were analysed and returned, that the shock had triggered my immune system into over-drive, resulting in severe inflammation of my muscles and connective tissue. The physical trauma of the accident had triggered an auto-immune condition called Fibromyalgia. I was relieved to hear some diagnosis, declined medication and returned home even more determined to continue on my path of healing.
I found  new depths to my Spirit on that journey, at the same time gifts of compassionate-healing and beautiful meditational poetry were bestowed on me to soothe and calm me as I physically limped onwards on my healing path. I also received deep tissue body massage treatment in a beautiful setting near my home which helped enormously with easing my muscle stiffness and pain.
It took 2 years for me to eventually feel I was improving, all the while I was meditating, dream-journaling and writing when I could [as my wrists and fingers were still not able to work for long periods without severe stiffness and pain setting in]. When I was unable to write I started recording the poetry as it came to me and with time and patience I eventually got it all down on paper. It took another 2 years before I felt confident enough to leave my home to attend an Artists Way course.
During this time shortly after I had been to the doctor I had an unusual dream I had been recording my dreams in a journal as I was having so many vivid dreams. I was constantly waking during the night I was restless and unable to sleep for long periods due to severe pain, in this dream a cartoon version of a blue devil appeared and I wondered what the meaning of a blue devil was as I recalled the dream, normally devils are portrayed as fiery red. I figured out eventually it was a symbolic cool blue devil as the exact herbal anti-inflammatory I needed for my body was called Devil's Claw which I located in my local health-shop. This herbal remedy has made a huge difference to my life I am pain-free most of the time now I'm so glad I was dream-journaling then.

One of my favourite books is 'The Artists Way' by the author Julia Cameron. I had been reading it for the second time at home during my healing journey so when I saw the course on offer near my home I was delighted I didn't hesitate to push myself to attend. So it was, 4 years after the accident I took the plunge and trusted that I could venture out into the world of 'normality' again and hoped 'on a wing and a Prayer' that I would have sufficient energy to engage with people again, I had no inkling of the adventure that was about to unfold in my Life......  

The 'accident' happened 10 years ago and my healing journey brought me many gifts along the way including the gift of beautiful poetry. My first book "Open to Love" is a gift given to me to share with others and so I tentatively offered it out to the Universe after been requested to do so by my fellow artists on 'The Artists Way' course who loved the poetry I brought in as my morning writing. They were mostly written between 4am and 730am as I would wake very early with my overactive immune system in full battle attacking my muscles or connective tissue. The Spiritual/Meditation poems were generally swimming around in my head on awakening so I immediately started writing them down as they flowed. Usually I would receive one poem sometimes two but I remember well one morning three poems one after another flowed rapidly to me and I thought I would not be able to write them down fast enough to catch them all, I was amazed at this but also delighted as I loved the sound and imagery of the poetry and was in awe when I read it for the first time after writing it down. I still love reading it over and over, I find it so beautiful and so calming for the body, it brings me straight into Meditation mode.
My first book 'Open to Love' was published in 2011 and within six weeks of it's printing I had received profound healing stories from people who were recovering from illness, surgery and/or trauma and who found my poetry helping them on their own healing journeys. I continue to receive many beautiful stories from people about it's vibrational, healing, soothing and calming qualities and other interesting stories from readers who say they have discovered a new-found interest in poetry and find my poetry moving, refreshing, uplifting and heart-warming. Many others have told me they were inspired to start writing their own poetry and prose and some have had their work published.
What can I say except that I know for certain that the poetry came as a gift to me. Most of the Spiritual and Meditational poems came almost fully formed some of them came complete and as already mentioned I was amazed at their content and with the rapidity with which they came, it was always exciting and joyful to read them afterwards. Sometimes I would change the order of the verses after a couple of readings or additional words or verses might come into my mind on a flash of insight. Most days the poetry just kept on coming fast and furious like a gushing waterfall. It was on the flow in my dreams, during meditation even in my daydreaming and there wasn't much let up  until the turn of 2015 when I began to feel some change taking place and the flow slowed to a trickle. I now find myself writing Gospel songs which are really poems that come with an air of their own!
So here I am seven years of writing...a trilogy of poetry later, two books 'Open to Love' and 'A Gift of Love' going out to the Universe and 'Divine Love' going to print. I now have some time and space to get up to speed on the website and of course abundant energy for doing the readings. I know I am being re-directed once more as the flow of the poetry has slowed considerably and has almost...but not quite...come to a standstill. I know I am being bidden to action to get my Poetry Harvest out!
All I can say for now is that I live in the moment in a continual state of gratitude and contentment and deep humility for all that I've been Blessed with in Life. I am eternally grateful for every Blessing for my present state of good-health, the gift of this poetry the good vibrations it is offering and the wonderful uplifting work it is doing. My sincere wish and earnest hope is that whoever reads it and receives it will also be Graced and Blessed ...

Namaste        Beannachtai       Norah.